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SELECT * FROM analytics_12345.events_*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GA4 SQL?

GA4 SQL is a free and user-friendly tool that simplifies the querying process for Google Analytics 4 data in BigQuery. It enables users to generate GA4 BigQuery queries without requiring any SQL knowledge. By selecting the desired metrics, dimensions, date range, and the name of the BigQuery table to query, the tool automatically generates a SQL query to retrieve the relevant data from BigQuery. Best of all, GA4 SQL is free to use.

How can I ensure my GA4 data is accurate?

Making decisions based on inaccurate data can have costly consequences. To ensure the accuracy of your GA4 data, we've built GA4 Auditor an advanced GA4 audit tool that can help you identify data quality issues in your analytics account. Try it out now for free.

Why are sub-queries used instead of CTEs in query building?

Developing a universal query template for all metrics and dimensions using CTEs (Common Table Expressions) with the syntax 'WITH table AS (...)' can be challenging, as it can lead to longer queries with multiple joins. While sub-queries may be less readable, we decided to prioritize functionality over readability. It's worth noting that there is no difference in performance between CTEs and sub-queries.

How can I customize the generated queries?

To customize the generated queries, it is beneficial to have some SQL knowledge. A valuable resource for learning SQL is check it out!
If you don't feel like learning SQL, you can use our Custom GPT on ChatGPT and ask any questions you have about the queries.

Why does BigQuery data differ from GA4 UI data for some metrics?

The data in the GA4 UI goes through several processing stages, including value additions like Google Signals, modeling, traffic attribution, and prediction, before it is displayed. However, the data exported to BigQuery is typically collected data and does not contain these value additions. You can find more information about this on the Google Analytics developer website.

Why can't I select some metrics or dimensions?

In some cases, certain metrics or dimensions may be disabled and cannot be selected because they are not compatible with each other. This is to ensure that the generated query provides accurate results. If you encounter this issue, try selecting different combinations of metrics and dimensions that are compatible with each other.

How can I provide feedback on the queries or contact you?

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have about the queries generated by GA4 SQL. If you have any issues with a generated query or suggestions on how we can improve our query builder, you can contact us by filling out this contact form.

Where can I find the definitions of metrics and dimensions?

If you're unsure about the definitions of any metrics or dimensions in GA4 SQL, simply hover over the help icon next to each field to view its definition. This can help you better understand what data is being pulled and how it relates to your analysis.

How do I use GA4 SQL?

To use GA4 SQL, you need to have a Google Analytics 4 property connected to your Google Cloud project. You can connect your GA4 property to your Google Cloud project by following the steps in this to link GA4 to BigQuery.
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Is GA4 SQL free to use?

Yes, GA4 SQL is completely free to use. We may introduce paid features in the future, but for now, users can generate an unlimited number of queries at no cost.